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Real Estate Israel - Caesarea  ada real estate

For Sale Caesarea Two Family Cottage 1,158,690 $

Company: ada real estate

Apartment Size: 301 Sqm

High ceilings, Big garden, Close to the... Full details »

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Added: 01.04.15

Real Estate Israel - Caesarea  Franchi Real Estate Real Estate in Israel -  Franchi Real Estate

For Sale Caesarea Villa, 7 rooms 2,367,758 $

Company: Franchi Real Estate

Apartment Size: 500 Sqm

Very nice property, Luxury property,... Full details »

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Added: 24.03.15

Real Estate Israel - Caesarea  La Maison Real Estate in Israel -  La Maison

For Sale Caesarea Villa 2,305,476 $

Company: La Maison

Apartment Size: 450 Sqm

Amazing private house with a panoramic... Full details »

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Added: 22.02.15

Real Estate Israel - Caesarea  Ziv Investments Real Estate in Israel -  Ziv Investments

For Sale Caesarea Single, 5 rooms 1,511,335 $

Company: Ziv Investments

Apartment Size: 309 Sqm

Great potential, Big garden, Large... Full details »

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Added: 23.11.14

Real Estate Israel - Caesarea  EL-HANECHES

For Sale Caesarea Villa, 9 rooms 2,644,836 $


Apartment Size: 426 Sqm

Luxury property, Large property, Big... Full details »

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Added: 13.04.14

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